Bantam was born Mica jacob Johnner his father Richard was a well renown scientist in the field of Molecular genetics and mutations, his mother Jane was an Excavational Archaeologist.

Mica was born a breed mutant, meaning one or both of his parents exhibited a gene of enhanced genetic mutation. Mica was a rather unruly child and with his parents often on the job site, and with little supervision he would often get into trouble. Finally, his father seeing no ulterior option decided to place him in the SMART labs youth acceleration program. Thomas Smart, a long time friend of the family who had helped to support Richard’s research and fund many of Jane’s excavational digs. .

Unbeknownst to his parents the facility was using the cover of the program to assess its student’s abilities and train them to be soldiers for SMART labs. It was shortly thereafter that one of the digs uncovered a site of a strange object. It was brought back to the labs to be analyzed, however no tests could confirm its source, it’s nature, whether it was sentient or not or what material t it was made of.

one night several of the students snuck out of their facility and began to explore the labs, Finding a room of stashed items and artifacts his mother had collected from her digs ,Mica stole her access card and let the kids in to investigate.

An alarm sounded startling the children and upon rushing out of the room Mica fell and slipped, crashing into one of the artifacts, a swirling mass of quicksilver in a tube. It shattered, raining over him the liquid seeping into his skin.

Mica awoke on a table with a bunch of scientists around him a series of machines hooked up to his body, When he asked where his parents were he was told they had gone outside the city to investigate a new geographical anomaly that had occurred near magma lake.

Mica was told how he was found passed out in the artifact chambers with the bodies of five of is classmates around him, all hacked to bits..Ironically he was the only one to survive. Apparently they were missing one of their prized artifacts as well, and that the only reason Mica wasn’t imprisoned or cast into the waste was because they knew he had it.

After several weeks of experiments the scientists made a discovery that the liquid that had interacted with Mica was indeed sentient, at least to the point of having an emphatic relationship with it’s host. It was a form of symbiotic creature that had been recovered from a crater that Jane had found.

Later that week the superintendent of program confided to Mica his parents were missing, there was an ambush by raiders and they had search parties sent out looking for survivors.
He was told that regardless of the outcome, Thomas had taken an interest in his abilities and would continue to train him as long as he wished. Shortly thereafter Thomas Smart was found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Mica stayed on and trained in the facility, not having many other options, He gained the Code name “Bantam” due to his quick explosive fighting techniques. With his training nearly complete he was issue a passkey and led expeditions to hunt down and quell any security breaches to the city or bandit uprisings. He continues to question the whereabouts of his parents and work for Smart Labs, enjoying the benefits of their many technological wonders.

Real Name: Mica Jacob Johnnor
Code-name: Bantam
Height: 5’3 Weight 115
Level clearance: 3
Occupation: Student/Survivor
Relatives Known: Richard Johnnor-Father (Presumed dead), Jane Johnnor-Sister (Presumed dead), Abby Johnnor (17) -Sister (Dead from cancer), Nathan Johnnor (10) (Presumed dead)
Superpowers Known: Absorption (Primary), Density manipulation, Data link
Other: Host to internal symbiote, Manifests as claws/body armor, impenetrable and cut through any object it has been tested against. may have a telepathic link with it’s host. Further Strengths and weaknesses unknown. Classified as Alien in nature
Activities: Video games, pizza, X-Cycle Riding, computer hacking
Strength: Superhuman strength while exhibiting density powers, otherwise Mica possess the normal strength of a human boy who engages in regular exercise.


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