The Brick Shit House’s bestfriend and partner. Doug Romens learned how to write code by the time he was 12
years old. In adolesence, he had minor brushes with the law for
computer hacking: not because Doug set out to do anything destructive,
but because he enjoyed the challenge. It surprised no one
that he went on to attend the Hanover Institute of
Technology’s computer science program or that
he graduated with honors.

Doug was fascinated by the potential
of human/computer interfaces
and intended to focus his post-
graduate work on it. He enlisted
the help of his former roommate
at school Paul Petrus, now a junior
biochemist at SMART Labs, to
test some of his theories. When
they tested a prototype interface
device Doug designed, hired mercenaries
chose that moment to try
and kidnap both Doug and Paul. An
accidental power surge apparently disintegrated
Doug Romens, leaving only
the smoking remains of the equipment
and the chair where he sat.

In fact, the accident somehow
translated Doug’s body into pure
electricity and drew him into
the power grid. After regaining
consciousness and learning to
control his new “body,” Doug’s
newfound abilities allowed
him to discover his friend Paul,
being used as a test subject
in an underground lab. Doug
freed his friend, who wrecked
up the lab before escaping.

Thunder Clap (as Doug calls himself) is more
content with his transformation than
The Brick Shit House, but he would still like to find a
means to achieve some sort of normal
life, ideally without giving up the amazing
powers he now has. He’s considered the
possibility of an android body his electrical
energy could inhabit and animate, although
it would only be a small step closer to normal
existence. Ideally, he wants to find a
way to switch between human and energy
form at will.


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