Brick Shit House




Paul Alan Petrus was a junior biochemist at SMART Labs after the formation of the city of Arcopolis. A friend of his, Doug Romens, approached him with a
theory on human-machine interface, and the two of them prepared
experiments to test it. Unfortunately, their
work drew the attention of a spy
working at SMART Labs and hired mercenaries
interrupted the experiment at a
delicate phase. Doug was apparently
killed, while Paul was kidnapped.
After determining he was of no real
use to them but had a resistance to radiation, they turned
Petrus over to the tender mercies of the
human experiments department.

He became an early
subject of their
process, which transformed
him into
a hulking mass of
enhanced muscle
with rock-hard skin and the appearance of quite literally a red brick.
He would have ended
up the brainwashed
puppet of the Crimson Flock
if it hadn’t been for the
intervention of his friend
Doug, who wasn’t killed,
but transformed by the accident.
Using his new powers,
he was able to locate and free Paul,
who wrecked the underground lab in his

Paul and Doug became their own form of justice as The Brick Shit House
and Thunderclap, both hoping to find ways to ultimately
reverse what had happened to them. They
allowed their families to think they were dead, although Paul misses many aspects of his life before the change. He wants to spare his friends and family pain and fears they will either reject him in his current state or, perhaps worse, choose to stay with
him, when they all deserve better than a life on the run with a monster.

Given his appearance, many people underestimate The Brick Shit House, not
realizing that he’s actually one of the smartest men around.
His size, strength, and somewhat clumsy hands limit the amount
of experimentation Paul can do, but he usually gets lab assistance
from Thunderclap, and he has turned his biochemical knowledge into
some skill with forensics and investigation.

Real Name: Paul Alan Petrus

Identity: Secret

Height: 8’

Eyes: Black

Weight: 600 lbs.

Hair: None

Brick Shit House

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